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Primary Maths Hub’s Whole School Systems are larger resources that can be used across the whole school, saving time, creating consistencies across the school and having a significant impact on learning.

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Times Tables Knowledge Organisers

Times Tables Knowledge Organisers are are complete and detailed overview of each times table up to x12. Each file uses pictorial and abstract representations of each times table to support pupils’ understanding of the multiplication and division facts of each table.


A truly wonderful resource that can support the Y4 multiplication check, SATs and general mastery of times tables.


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Year Group Maths Knowledge Organisers

Year Group Maths Knowledge Organisers from Primary Maths Hub are a fantastic and powerful collection of maths knowledge organisers. Each organiser focuses on a specific strand of maths, for instance…number, shape or statistics. Organisers outline the essential knowledge and facts that will support pupils with their understanding of that subject strand.


Year Group Knowledge Organisers are comprehensive and cover Year 1 to Year 6.


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Essential Mathematical Vocabulary

The Essential Mathematical Vocabulary resource contains all the essential mathematical vocabulary for every strand of the maths curriculum, covering all year groups. The resource is organised in to different mathematical strands of the curriculum to save time and allow teachers to ensure the vocabulary that is core to each strand is displayed and visible for pupils.


A very in depth and well organised resource that will save time and have a positive impact across the whole school.



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Whole School Arithmetic System

The Whole School Arithmetic System is a complete, weekly arithmetic test system Each yearly system includes 40 weeks worth of tests, including answers, while also including Question Level Analysis (QLA) tracker document to provide formative and summative assessment directly linked to the gaps in pupils’ learning.

The resource is comprehensive, simple and highly effective.

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Quick Recall Facts

Quick Recall Facts contain all of the key facts that children should know in each year group. Perfect for reference use in school and at home. The resources cover Year 1 to Year 6 and come in PDF and PPT versions ready to print and use. The facts are essential for all pupils, who should be able to recall these facts quickly to support all aspects of maths.

A super simple resource containing all of the key recall facts that support reasoning and arithmetic.

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More Whole School Systems Coming Soon...