Welcome to the Early Years and Foundation Stage section of Primary Maths Hub. Resources in the is section will continue to grow over time, all with the aiming of supporting the earliest stages of maths.

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KIRFs Assessment

Guidance Document

Overview Document

Autumn 1 Assessment

Autumn 2 Assessment

Spring 1 Assessment

Spring 2 Assessment

Summer 1 Assessment

Summer 2 Assessment


Comparison Vocabulary

Comparison Without Counting 1

Comparison Without Counting 2

Comparison Without Counting 3

Comparison Without Counting 4

Practical Comparison Activities


Complete the Pattern 1

Complete the Pattern 2

 Complete the Pattern 3

Repeating Pattern

Repeating Pattern 1

Repeating Pattern 2 


Counting Activity 1

Counting Activity 2

Counting Activity 3

Counting On Game


Subitising Cards 1 to 3

General Resources

1-10 Number Cards

Ten Frame

Whole Part Model

One More, One Less

First, Now, Then

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