Year 2 – Place Value

Welcome to Year 2 Place Value at Primary Maths Hub. Here you will find a growing library of outstanding resources and activities to support place value lessons in Year 2 and at home.  

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Do Now Tasks / Starters

Compare Numbers to 100 – Do Now Tasks

Number Line to 100- Do Now Tasks


Count in Steps of 2
From Zero

Count in Steps of 2,3,5
From Zero

Count in Steps of 3
From Zero

Count in Tens From
Any Number

Read and Write Numbers

How to Write
Numbers to 100

Write Numbers to 100
in Digits

Write Numbers to 100
in Words

Write Numbers to 100 in Expanded Form

Compare and Order Numbers

Compare Numbers to 1000

Order Numbers to 100

Order Numbers to 100- Different Representations

Partition Numbers

Partition Tens and Ones

Flexibly Partition Numbers to 100

Representation and Number Line

Represent Numbers to 100 on a Number Line

Number Lines to 100

Tens on a Number Line to 100

Number Lines to 100 (Portrait)

Estimate Numbers on Number Line

Tens and Ones on a Number Line to 100

Word Problems and Challenges

Estimate Numbers on a Number Line- Challenges

Tens on a Number Line- Challenges

Flexibly Partition Numbers to 100- Challenges

Order Numbers to 100- Challenges

Compare Numbers to 100- Challenges

Use Place Value Chart- Challenges

Equality and Inequality Statements

Equality and Inequality Statement Matching

Resources to Support Place Value

Arrow Cards

Use Place Value Chart

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