Year 6 – Ratio and Proportion

Welcome to Year 6 Ratio and Proportion at Primary Maths Hub. Here you will find a growing library of outstanding resources and activities to support ratio and proporation lessons in Year 6 and at home.  


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Do Now Tasks / Starters

Differentiated Question Sets

Calculating 1-Step Percentages Question Set

Calculating Multiples of 10- Percentages Question Set

Calculating Other Percentages Question Set

Decreasing by Percentage Question Set

Increasing by Percentage Question Set


Strips- Using Ratio

Colour the Circles in a Given Ratio

Scaling Recipes- 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 Times Tables

Sharing Known Amount in Ratio

Sharing Unknown Amount in Ratio

Write the Ratio of Objects


Faded Scaffolding Strips- Finding 10

Faded Scaffolding Strips- Finding 25

Faded Scaffolding Strips- Finding 50

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