Zip File Names too Large to Unzip

ZIp File Names are too Large to Unzip

  1. Primary Maths Hub, in our super-organised fashion, we focused heavily on highly organised file names, which ended up in some of the file names being rather large. We hadn’t anticipated that these zip files would then not unzip, once downloaded. As of February 11th 2024, the Primary Maths Hub team finished our sweep of every resource on the website to reduce the length of the file name and re-upload the file once again. Which was a huge task.

2. There should now be no files now on Primary Maths Hub, but it’s hard to be exact. If you download a file and get a message that ‘the file name is too long to open’. Please email us and tell us the exact name of the file you have encountered the issue with.

We will re-send you the file, with a new shortened name, and update the file on the website asap. We anticipate this may only be one or two files across the whole site.