How Do I Add More Members?

Adding More Members

  1. Head over to the My Account page. Please note members can only be added to:
    – Small School
    – 1 Form Entry
    – 2 Form Entry
    – 3 Form Entry
    – 4 Form Entry
    – 5 Form Entry

2. Next, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.

3. Click ‘Sub Accounts’.

4. There are two ways to add ‘Sub Accounts’. The first way is to click ‘Add Sub Account’

4. You can then fill out their information and choose to send them a welcome email inviting them to the account.

5. The second way to add sub accounts is to send them the invite link directly. Scroll down in this page where it says ‘Signup URL’. 

5. Copy this link and send to your members.